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Code 3 Supervisor Flex

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SuperVisor Flex is available in MultiColor (18-up) and Single color (9-up) using the latest Torus LED technology. For ease of installation, it also comes with a quick-disconnect center connector cord. The Flex lightheads are situated so they shine straight ahead while the LEDs are designed to spread light so they do not require aiming


  • Designed to fit all Police Pursuit Vehicles and Special Service Vehicles, plus many others!
  • Quick Disconnect allows users to install driver and passenger side separately, then connect together when complete making installation very efficient!
  • Minimizes light flashback with expertly designed gaskets. The adjustable side light-blocking shields have been designed specifically to block out flashback light.
  • No drilling required for mounting and looks like a part of the vehicle at 1.34" tall


  • Contoured for installation against the upper interior of the windshield between the sun visors and glass
  • Available in the latest technology of Torus MultiColor & Single Color LEDs
  • Torus Independent flashing Single LEDs available in Red, Blue, Amber, and White
  • Full size MultiColor has (6) 18-LED Lightheads in Red/White, Blue/White, Amber/White and Red/Blue,
  • Full size Single Color  comes with these 4 configurations:
    - (6) 9-up Torus lightheads
    - (4) 9-ups and up to (4) Takedowns
    - (4) 9-ups and up to (4) 3-up Torus IF (Independent Flashing) Light Heads
    - (4) 9-ups and (2) Takedowns & (2) 3-up Torus IFs (Independent Flashing) Lightheads
  • The 3 LED Torus Lightheads are designed for forward direction of light
  • The 9 LED Single Color and 18 LED Multi Color Torus Light Heads are designed to spread light so they do not require aiming!
  • To order select your SuperVisor Flex configuration through the C3Vue(website configurator).  Then select your appropriate vehicle mounting kit.
  • Two models are available for each design—full windshield and passenger only.
  • Takedowns on the full size single color version has several options: (1) or (2) takedowns on each side, or (1) or (2) 3-up LED lights, single on each side
  • Cable length between the driver and passenger side is 18"
  • 19 Flash Patterns Available for Single Color Version
  • 32 Flash Sequences and 12 Flash Patterns are Available for MultiColorVersion
  • MultiColor Flash Sequences/Patterns are controlled by the Central Controller Box
  • Ability to wire to external flasher to flash takedown lights only (single color only).
  • Draws less than 6 amps on average

General Specifications

  • Individual Passenger and Driver Modules are 18.75" W and can be extended to 55.5" W (more compact than previous models) and 1.34" tall
  • 12 VDC
  • Reverse Polarity Protected
  • 5-Year Warranty