A New Company is Formed:

For years we were juggling the typical craziness of parenting, running our households, and working various jobs. Our employment history was like a buffet - working in a pharmacy, teaching elementary students, running organizations affiliated with schools, catering, cleaning houses, accounting, tutoring, data entry, etc. We were doing anything to make a little extra money while still being able to be the primary caregivers for our children.  Basically, we were running ourselves all over the place, and our children were all getting to the age where we were not needed as much. We decided that if we took over the company as our own, we could fulfill a need in our community and not let the time and money that was already invested become a loss. We thought that our husbands were giving up on a business venture that had great potential if the right amount of time and energy could be dedicated to its growth. We also wanted to incorporate the idea of creating a successful company that would be centered around the idea of being a second family and one that our children may ultimately like to take over and run. So, in April of 2014, David transferred his shares of the company to Susan, and our business venture began.