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Code 3 Z3 Siren with Push Button Control Head and Amp

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World class siren - easy to operate control head.


  • Different size and shape buttons are located quickly allowing you to operate all the light and siren functions without taking your eyes off the road
  • Backlight brightness is officer adjustable giving you the appropriate lighting for your eyes
  • PA Microphone is officer adjustable to meet varying noise conditions

Design Features

  • Easy to operate with three ­distinct zones: sirens and primary lighting (red), auxiliary lighting and other equipment (blue), and traffic or warning function (yellow)
  • Public address (PA) stuck mic sensor automatically returns  the siren to normal function should the microphone switch  get stuck in PA mode and microphone volume is adjustable
  • Built in “battery voltage check” sensor shuts down lights, and sirens when voltage runs below a programmed setting, no more dead batteries after a call
  • Sleep mode timer to shut the lights and siren off after a  specific preset time if the ignition is turned off 
  • Horn-ring transfer allows you to effortlessly scroll through  siren functions on the steering wheel without having to take  your eyes off the road
  • Built-in “park kill” to automatically turn light and siren functions off when the vehicle is put in park. This feature  is also designed for positive or ground inputs so that “park  kill” can also be activated by other inputs
  • Built-in siren lock function that does not allow siren tones  to come on until emergency lighting is activated
  • Different size and shape buttons are quickly found allowing operation of all lights and siren functions without taking eyes off the road. Buttons are also backlit and change color. 
  • Programmable three  level slide switch with a programmable fourth position
  • Eight programmable auxiliary buttons (two can be programmed for positive or ground switching)
  • Five programmable siren buttons (program different tones  for each one)
  • ArrowStik® can be programmed for different flash patterns and speeds, as well as the warning flash pattern itself
  • Z3 amplifier special serial port needs only a simple data  cable to connect to the Defender® and RX 2700™CC lightbars
  • Banshee® siren amp compatible for additional features

General Specifications

  • Control Head: 6.80"L x 3.30"H x 1.07"D (Switch will increase depth dimension to 1.95"D)
  • Amplifier: 9.75"L x 6.832"W x 3.936
  • Light Control Current Load:
    - 3-Level Switch, 4 Outputs, 50 Amps Maximum Combined Total
    - Auxiliary Switches A thru D: 5 Amps Maximum Each Aux
    - Auxiliary Switches E thru H: 10 Amp Maximum Each Aux
  • Total Siren Output Capacity: 200 Watts (can drive two 100 Watt speakers)
  • Operating Voltage: 10-15 VDC (negative ground)
  • Operating Temperature: -22F to +149F (-30C to +65C)
  • Meets SAEJ1849, California Title 13, and ECE R10.03 when properly configured
  • 5-Year Warranty